Luxury Notary



Services & Pricing

You demand the best, so why not treat yourself to California's only luxury notary public? 

Like a Ferrari crossing the finish line in first, Nick Greene passed his notary exam with an incredible score of 79 (out of 100). He is not yet an acting notary, but he will be one by the time you need something notarized, so don't delay.

While other notaries throw on any old thing before providing their services, Nick Greene will wear a tuxedo while notarizing your signature—and that's a guarantee.

Beyond the tuxedo, Nick Greene offers:

  • The Spotify classical station, played on a bluetooth speaker.
  • Cheese and crackers (the good ones, NO WHEAT THINS).
  • A champagne toast upon finalizing your notarization.
  • Peace of mind that only a notary wearing a tuxedo can bring.
  • A fancy pen.

All this comes for a stunning and luxurious one-time fee(s):

  • Notary fee: $15 per signature

  • Professional fee: $1,000 (for luxury)

To book, please email:

Note: Please allow for a delay as I will need to purchase my notary journal, stamp, and other expenses that have been put off until the last possible moment. Customers must be within walking distance of me. No refunds.



Ask about my big-ass hourglass!